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You can type /jobs to see what are available to you. All players can have 3 jobs at one time. With VIP status, you can access more jobs.

VIP Levels

If you have VIP status on our survival server, you can have more jobs at a time!

  • Iron has access to 6 jobs
  • Emerald has access to 9 jobs
  • Gold has access to 12 jobs
  • Netherite can access 20 jobs at a time.

Points and Access

Some jobs within our server require points to unlock. You can accumulate points by participating in other jobs and leveling up through your activities. This system ensures that the more you contribute and engage, the more opportunities become available to you.

Checking Available Jobs

Wondering what jobs are currently available? Simply type /jobs in the server to view a list of all the roles you can dive into. This command will also provide you with information on points required for each job, helping you plan your path forward.

Have a suggestion for a job for us to add?

Visit our Discord at and post in our mc-suggestions forum your ideas!

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