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Extra Storage

The Extra storage plugin allows you to pick up blocks, slabs, and other nifty little things and keep them in a storage area only accessible to you and to anyone you partner up with! This allows you to keep your blocks safe, while still keeping your inventory and minepack available for custom-built items. The commands for the system are listed below

  • /exstorage help - Players can see help page.
  • /exstorage player -Players can open their storage, or open another player's storage.
  • /exstorage toggle - Players can turn on / off the feature if they don't want to use.
  • /exstorage filter - Players can open their filter.
  • /exstorage partner [add/remove/clear][player] - Players can use the partner feature. Or open a GUI to see who was their partners.
  • /exstorage sell material [amount] - Players can open the market to sell items that contain in their storage.
  • /exstorage withdraw material [amount] - Withdraw items without opening the GUI.
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